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A member of the public has asked the History Society what is known about the origins of the name ‘Chichele Road’. Who chose the name? What, if any, is the connection with Henry Chichele, founder of All Souls College, Oxford, and Archbishop of Canterbury 1414 –1443.

According to William Shakespeare (Henry V, act 1, scene 2) Archbishop Chichele encouraged Henry V to wage war against France for which endeavour he provided financial assistance, this in order to divert the attention of Parliament and the King from removing certain ecclesiastical endowments:

... if it pass against us,

We lose the better half of our possession:

For all the temporal lands, which men devout

By testament have given to the church,

Would they strip from us; . . .

But when, in April 1414, the parliament met in which this speech was supposedly made, Henry Chichele was neither yet Archbishop of Canterbury nor present.

I have been unable to discover exactly when Chichele Road was built, nor who was responsible for naming it. Please let me know if you have answers to these questions. Even better, prepare a piece for a future newsletter or website.



The naming of Chichele road