Oxted & District History Society

A former reserve army officer who previously worked in the City, and now a military historian and travel lecturer, Paul Whittle gave an illustrated talk about the Crimean War 1853-1856. 

He traced the origins of the conflict, which involved Britain, France and Russia against the Ottoman Empire, and described some of the major battles, including the Charge of the Light Brigade, as well outlining as the role of figures such as Lord Lucan and Florence Nightingale.  He also explained how the war brought about major changes in the British army, including in its medical and supply services and its leadership.

Mr Whittle ended his talk with a summary of the recent history of the region, including some photos taken on a visit there shortly before the recent Russian takeover, which included images of modern Russian warships at Sevastopol and Soviet-era military installations.


The Crimean War 1854-1856 by Paul Whittle