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Author and historian Paul Hill, who previously spoke to the Society in 2016 about Norman Military Commanders, gave an illustrated presentation on the topic of his latest book, about the Knights Templar.

The Knights’ Templar were a military religious order founded in around 1120 with the approval of the Pope in response to attacks on pilgrims in the Holy Land.  Numbering 20,000 at its peak, many of whom were based in England and other European countries organising arms and supplies, its knights were involved in countless battles and sieges for over 200 years.  Most of its action centred on the Crusades but it also fought in Spain and Portugal as well as other parts of Europe. Over time the order attracted great controversy for the wealth it accumulated and attracted many myths surrounding its secret practices. It was finally disbanded in 1312 when many of its members and leaders were executed by the King of France, who resented its power.


The Knights Templar at War 1120-1312 by Paul Hill