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Judith and Keith Louis gave a talk at Oxted & District History Society’s Christmas meeting on ‘The Christmas Feast’.

On an European tour, they started in Scandinavia, where fish is popular, as well as a special porridge.  A rich meal, with pork and duck, may form part of the Christmas feast in Denmark.  In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, regional cakes and biscuits are popular, along with summer fruits preserved in rum.  In France, a 13 course meal is traditional as are oysters, champagne and chocolate log.

In Britain, there are many regional variations to Christmas food.  Christmas pudding only arrived in the late 18th Century, replacing the former richly fruited porridge.  Although turkeys arrived in Europe from North America in 1520 and were farmed in Norfolk by the 1540s, they were not generally eaten at Christmas until the 19th Century, replacing geese and beef.  A decorated boar’s head used to be the starter but had little meat on it.  Mince pies go back a long way and used to contain meat as well as fruit.

Following the talk, members enjoyed some modern Christmas treats at their Christmas Party.



The Christmas Feast a talk by Judith and Keith Louis