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Oxted & District History Society

David Carpenter, Professor of Medieval History at Kings College, London and author, gave a lecture to the Oxted & District History Society on ‘The Lords of Oxted in the 13th Century’, replacing the advertised talk on ‘The Surrey Eyre’.

The 13th Century was a crucial time in the rise of the gentry, with the creation of a knightly class at the top.  The gentry controlled local government and justice for the King and began to get involved at national level.  This is recorded in the Henry III Fine Rolls Project, found on www.finerollshenry3.org.uk .

The Manor of Oxted was held directly from the King successively by 3 Lords, all named Roland, Roland 1 until 1239, Roland 2 from 1239-70 and Roland 3 from 1270-91.  Their coat of arms was a red oak with green acorns on a silver background and they lived in a manor house next to Oxted Church.  Being a knight was expensive but the Rolands of Oxted were wealthy with a total annual income of £75 (£750,000 today).  The peasants provided rents and labour to the Lord of the Manor.

All three Rolands served the King at home and abroad.  Roland 3 was elected to Parliament in 1290 but although he had 5 daughters he had no male heir and his line ended with his death in 1291.


The Surrey Knights a talk by David Carpenter.