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Peter Shipley, who has a doctorate in history and is History Society member, gave a lecture on the fascinating subject of ‘The Kaiser, the Tsar and Europe’s last Emperors’.

He concentrated on the history of the Empires and their Emperors, and the origins and consequences of the First World War. The concept of  Empire was deeply rooted in European history, from the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire.  By 1914, the Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Ottoman Empires were divided by rival alliances, which cut across the many family links between German, British and Russian rulers in particular.  Britain, with its overseas colonial empire remained the leading global power, but Germany was the main industrial and military power on the continent.

They tended to be, to a greater or lesser extent, autocratic, which Britain had ceased to be in the seventeenth century.  The 1914-18 Great War led to the collapse of these Empires.  Members of the History Society showed their appreciation to Dr. Shipley for his extremely interesting lecture.


The Kaiser, the Tsar & Europe’s last Emperors by Peter Shipley,