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Oxted & District History Society

Don Dray, of the Groombridge History Group, gave a lecture to the Oxted & District History Society on ‘The Roaring ‘20s’ illustrated by pictures and music.

After World War I, people enjoyed the freedom peace offered.  After a brief recession, the country became more prosperous and old attitudes were changing.  It became fashionable for unmarried women to go to work.  Women got the vote and broke away from earlier fashions.  The cloche hat and page boy hair cut took off.  Hemlines rose rapidly, reaching the knees by 1925 and the ‘flappers’ arrived.  Men wore shorter jackets and plus fours.  The working class only wore cloth caps but other men wore top hats or other hats depending on status.

Jazz crossed the Atlantic and spread into dance music.  Radios became popular and there were 3 million license holders by 1929.  People flocked to cinemas and copied their screen idols.  Car ownership rapidly increased and there were a million cars in the UK by 1929.  There was a boom in private and Council house building and rapid expansion of the suburbs.  Art Deco influenced art and design and household items from 1925.  All this change suffered a blow following the 1929 Stock Market Crash.


The Roaring ‘20s by Don Dray