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Archimandrite Alexis, from the Greek Orthodox monastery at Brookwood, near Woking, gave a lecture to the Oxted & District History Society on ‘Edward the Martyr – Anglo-Saxon King & Saint’

Edward lived in the mid-10th Century, the son of Edgar the Peaceable and half-brother of Ethelred the Unready, who succeeded him as King.  Edward placed himself under the guidance of Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, who had reformed the monasteries to restore good Benedictine practices.  After Edgar’s death, there was some dispute over the succession but Edward, his eldest son, became King for 3 years before being murdered at his step-mother’s hunting lodge at Corfe in 978.  Various miracles were associated with Edward after his death.  He was made a saint and his remains were buried at Shaftesbury Abbey, becoming a centre for Medieval pilgrimages.

Shaftesbury Abbey was demolished during the dissolution of the monasteries but in 1931 a lead reliquary containing bones, believed to be those of St. Edward, were excavated at the site of Shaftesbury Abbey.  Eventually they were transferred to the church at Brookwood Cemetery, modernised to become a Greek Orthodox shrine in 1984.


Edward the Martyr - Anglo-Saxon King and Saint by Archimandrite Alexis