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Alan Moss, a former Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police and author of several books, gave an illustrated lecture to the Oxted & District History Society on ‘Historic Crime Cases from the Scotland Yard Files’.

In 1829 Peel set up the Metropolitan Police.  Initially, detecting crime was not on the agenda.  In 1842, Daniel Good, a coachman, was sought for a theft in Wandsworth.  A body was found in the stables of the house where he worked but it took 3 weeks for him to be tracked down and arrested.  The newspapers criticised the lack of detectives to follow up crime and a detective system was set up with 8 detectives.

Queen Victoria survived 7 attempts on her life during her reign.  In 1842, John Francis aimed a pistol at her, was arrested and sent to Broadmoor.  At that time pistols were very inefficient but had improved by 1882 when PC Cole was shot and died.  John Orrack’s name was found on a chisel found at the scene and this fact, together with ballistic evidence for the first time, led to his conviction.  Alphonse Bertillon developed a fingerprint identification system which successfully led to the conviction of the Stratton Brothers in 1905, when a fingerprint was found on a cashbox.


Historic Crime Cases from the files of Scotland Yard

by Alan Moss.